Dawn Dos Santos, Registered Massage Therapist


Dawn Dos Santos is an integral member of the Pro Function health team offering massage therapy services. Her expertise and immense skill set is invaluable to the health of our patients.

Dawn’s active lifestyle and involvement in sports lead her to become interested in massage therapy as a profession. She now has over ten years experience as a massage therapist providing treatments catering to the office worker to the professional athlete. Over these 10 years she has been able to master her skills in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, relaxation massage and sports massage and athletic taping.  Dawn offers custom treatments that focus on your personal goals, whether it is pain relief, performance enhancement, athletic recovery or relaxation. In order to meet those goals, Dawn will work collaboratively with your other health professionals, coaches or trainers to provide thorough service and efficient care.

Dawn received her education in 2002 from D'Arcy Lane Massage Therapy Institute, one of Canada’s premier massage therapy schools. She continues to pursue further educational endeavors to offer continued high quality treatment. Dawn is also a well respected member of the College of Massage therapist of Ontario.

 When Dawn isn’t treating, she keeps busy with her three kids at the arena and field or even playing softball or volleyball herself. Dawn looks forward to helping you work towards your goals of better health. 

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