Functional Movement Screening


The functional movement screen program consists of seven movement tests that require both mobility and stability. To the trained health professional, movement weaknesses, imbalances, asymmetries and limitations become evident. The functional movement screen consists of seven different functional movements tests. The combination of these test assess: trunk or core strength and stability; neuromuscular coordination; symmetry of movement; flexibility; acceleration; deceleration; and dynamic stability. Each of these seven movements corresponds to the motor patterns required athletic movement. The Functional Movement Screen ( is used by many professional sports organizations, for example: Philadephia Philles, Montreal Canadians, Indianapolis Colts, to ensure their players are moving in the most efficient ways and performing at their best. The functional movement screening is not looking for perfect, ideal, pristine movement. It’s looking for areas of asymmetry and dysfunction in movement that is specific to each athlete. Repeated poor movement patterns may lead to limited performance output and traumatic injury. 

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