About Pro Function

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Our Story...

Should a clinic even have a story…?  Well our does.

It all began with Dr. Nicole Thornicroft and a little health care clinic right here in London, Ontario.  You see, Dr. Nicole has never been like so many of her colleagues.  Brilliant – yes, caring – of course, ambitious – absolutely, but still something about her take on health care always felt different. It took a few years of practice, some insight and experience, and even a few ‘aha’ moments along the way, but while working alongside patients, Dr. Nicole came to realize that her patients’ happiness and her own, had as much or more to do with the trust and connection she built with her patients than it was about the treatment techniques she used. 

And that was the moment Dr. Nicole set out on her own and founded Pro Function.

Things weren’t easy in the beginning, good things never are.  Dr. Nicole knew she wanted to continue practicing but this time with a focus on her style of treatment – Personalized, Approachable and Professional.  The question was where… and how?
Being born and raised in the nibble suburb of Lambeth, Ontario meant a location near south London would be ideal since it would help her work with the community she loves and still lives in today. But how?  This hurdle was more difficult to clear.  Dr. Nicole worked with a variety of patients from a variety of backgrounds.  Downtown city workers, teachers, young children, farmers… all of them needed a place to go, and a common thread to connect them.  Slowly but surely the picture came into focus – Sports!

Sports were always a part of the picture for Dr. Nicole, both personally and professionally, and whether it’s through an organized team, the local cross fit gym, or playing with grandchildren on weekends, sports and being active has its place with everyone. Dr. Nicole didn’t waste a moment and she quickly forged an agreement with the largest indoor training facility in all of London, Ontario (Dr. Nicole has never been one to aim low).  Centrefield Sports Inc is an impressive 35,000 sq foot indoor training facility for everyone from minor to elite sports, and this would be where Pro Function would open its doors in 2011.  Quickly growing to become an integral part of the local sports, industrial and small business community, Pro Function’s down-to-earth, 1-on-1, modern approach to chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment became the standard for exceptional care.