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Is Your Body Golf Ready?

Is your Body Golf Ready?

Did you know that whether you’re a young buck or a savvy veteran the first 6 weeks of jumping back into an activity is the most likely time you’ll experience an injury?

Here’s some free advice to keep you happy, healthy and on the course!

Dr. Josh Macedo Chiropractor London

By Dr. Josh Macedo, DC

Pro Function Sports Injury Clinic - TPI Certified Chiropractor

Hooray! - GOLF IS BACK!!!

If you live here with me in London Ontario you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s bad enough coming off a pause through the winter but taking away golf for another couple months when things were just getting going was almost unbearable. 

Doesn’t matter now, it’s all behind us and a summer on the links is now finally underway!!!

Here's the thing...

Most of us have not golfed since the end of last season. Sure some of us may have managed a couple of rounds during our unusually warm month of March this year, but otherwise most Canadians didn’t see any golf this winter on account of all the travel limitations.

Regardless of the last time you played a round, it is likely that you’ve been more inactive than you would have preferred over these last six or seven months. We attribute this inactivity to things like not being able to go to the gym and playing our favourite sport. This lack of movement during the winter months is one of many contributing factors that can increase our chances of injury during the golf season.

Bottomline: if you become injured, you can’t golf at your best, or maybe at all, and that’s the last thing anyone needs right now. So, why not brush up on your golf-body a little bit and prepare beforehand? Here is some advice on what to do… 

“it is likely that you’ve been more inactive than you would have preferred over these last six or seven months.”

“why not brush up on your golf-body a little bit and prepare beforehand? “

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#1. Get Moving.

Ideally the best advice would be this; “in the weeks to months before the golf season opens, walking, cycling or any form of exercise can be beneficial to your body”.  The reason for this is that our bodies tend to become more stagnant during the winter months and in the process we loose mobility and muscle mass. Getting back to golf adds stress and load back onto our bodies and this is where injuries can occur. 

It’s always best to start moving at least 6 weeks before golf season starts, but… golf season is already here!! 

The best thing you can do now is up your body movement before and after your round to push your muscles to grow and your joints to adapt to an increase in stress. For example, you could take a 2-3 km walk before your morning round and maybe even another one later in the evening. Alternatively you could substitute a bike ride in for your walk, start “Yoga with Adriene” or even push yourself with a light strength training routine 2-3 times per week.   By being active, you are preparing the muscles and tissues in your body for some of the impact you’ll encounter on the course.

#2. The Pro's do it, so should you - Warm Up!

I know, I can literally feel eyes rolling when they read “warm up”.  But you can’t deny the science; warming up drastically reduces a persons risk of injury. So, get on up and head to the driving range a couple of days before and hit a bucket of balls – just be sure not to don’t overdo it!

Before you swing the club for the first time, perform a warmup routine consisting of upper and lower body movements, as well as trunk rotations from side to side to mimic a golf swing. An example of this could be high knees with arm circles, and high knees with a trunk twist. Perform this same routine each time before you play a round.

#3. Get ready for Tomorrows round Today - Cool Down...

Before sitting down after your round, perform a similar drill as your warmup. Go for a light walk, incorporating arm and leg movements.  Another great tip is taking light practice swing through your club range starting with your driver and slowly working your way down to you putter.  Lastly, be sure to take the light practice swings in BOTH directions. If you’re a righty this means swinging left, and if your a lefty swing right. Swinging in the opposite to normal direction helps stretch out tight muscle and restore balance to your body.  

The research around cool down and recovery time has been really taking off the past few years and one things that’s been found is that proper cool down and recovery can have a real positive impact on your next round of golf! 

#4. Have Someone To Fine Tune Your Swing.

Not even professionals do things alone.  The best players often get help from an outside source that help the evaluate their mobility, assess strengths and weakness and overall provide insight about swing mechanics. At Pro Function we do this through a TPI screening.  TPI, short for Titleist Performance Institute, has a professional program designed to determine the strength and weakness in both the person and their swing mechanics. The best part is that for both the months of June and July if you’re in the London area you can even get your TPI Screening for FREE.  How can you book one? Just give our Sports Injury Clinic a call 519.860.9722

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In Summary - Here's the Take Away:

Summer is upon us and it looks more and more like golf season is here to stay.  Keep yourself happy and  injury free by being proactive both on and off the links. 

I’ll see you out there!
– Dr. J. Macedo, DC

Dr. Josh Macedo

Sports and TPI Certified Chiropractor Pro Function - London Ontario

Dr. Macedo and the entire Pro Function Health Care Team, believe that the best health care experience isn’t only about  the result, but also about how the patient feels while they work their way to recovery.  He takes the time to listen to his patient’s story, understand their unique situation (life, injury, needs and goals), and answer the questions patients needs to begin recovering.  

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