Brindley Jantzi

Brindley Jantzi Health Care Team
Brindley Jantzi


Brindley Jantzi
Patient Liaison – Health Care Team

Brindley Jantzi is the chief patient liaison for Pro Function’s downtown health care team. Brindley joined Pro Function this past spring and brings with her a level of experience not only unique for Pro Function, but for health care as a whole.

What do we mean by ‘unique to health care as a whole”? Well, Brindley is the first, and based on our research, the ONLY health care administrator to be recruited because of her background in luxury hospitality and service.  “What’s that you say – hospitality and service??” That right!  Pro Function’s approach is to push boundaries and find ways to continuously improve a patient’s experience… and why not? We all feel patients deserve to be greeted with a little elegance and class, and Brindley suits this perfectly.   

Prior to moving to London, Brindley’s career was as a customer service provider in a luxury boutique hotel in Stratford Ontario.  There, she was immersed in the hospitality, travel, tourism and customer service industry.  She felt the unorthodox challenge of bringing hotel hospitality into a clinic environment was both exciting and brilliant. In her own words, Brindley says, “I am passionate about being able to assist people. At Pro Function, I can combine my background in hospitality with my interest in health care to provide the best possible customer experience.”

Over and above her background and skill set, Brindley in no stranger to the health care setting.  Brindley graduated from Western University and during her time there, she competed as a varsity shot put and weight throwing athlete for Western’s Track and Field team.   Brindley has also played softball and volleyball since childhood and has competed in those sports at a National level. It was through sports and injuries that she found an interest in the health care field. She feels that many positive chiropractic and physiotherapy experiences helped play a significant role in her achievements, as well as her ability to perform at the highest levels of her sports. 

Outside of the clinic. Brindley can be found on the ball diamond playing slo-pitch, helping her parents on their farm, or taking a physical break and enjoying the odd video game!