Erik Schmidt

Erik Schmidt Physiotherapist London
Erik Schmidt, PT

Physiotherapist London Ontario
Hons. BA(kin), MScPT, MClSc
FCAMPT Certified – #1503
CMP / Mulligan Instructor
Western University Lecturer

Top Choice Physiotherapist for:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Industrial / Physically Demanding Jobs + Injuries
  • Spinal, Hip and Knee Injuries
  • Pre- and Post- Surgical Cases
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Functional Range Conditioning
  • Those looking for Physiotherapy in English, French or German
  • Those looking for an FCAMPT physiotherapist

Erik Schmidt is one of Pro Function’s co-owners … but he’ll tell you he’s ‘just a physio’.  Before building Pro Function, Erik worked in a number of areas in Ontario and even outside Canada.  But Erik was born in London Ontario, his family is here and eventually he found his way home to lay down roots.   

After graduating from Queen’s University with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy, Erik split his professional time between sports medicine with some of Canada’s National athletes, lecturing medical students at the North School of Medicine (NOSM), and working weekends at long-term care facilities. It’s unusual for a physiotherapist to work in so many different corners of the profession at the same time, but Erik says the work gave him an appreciation for how to adapt his skills to suit a very wide range of people and needs. 

Three years into his career, Erik came back to London and re-united with his original colleagues at Body Mechanics Physiotherapy, both at the Bellwood Plaza and Byron locations.  He also continued teaching, only this time with Western University, the Orthopeadic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and with the Mulligan Concept (a patient-driven treatment approach first developed in New Zealand).   

Academically, Erik completed a second advance practice Masters of Clinical Science  (MClSc) at Western University and went on to become a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manual and Manipulative Physical Therapists (FCAMPT) – an internationally recognized and highest possible Canadian designation. Soon after that, Erik went on to chair the London Orthopeadic Division and is currently the past-president of the National FCAMPT executive of Canada. 

Back in the clinic, Erik is a down-to-earth and dynamic physiotherapist with the unique ability to work with anyone. From London, to Thunder Bay, to South Africa, Erik has extensive experience with an impressive range of patients, skill levels and professional backgrounds. He can provide his services in  English, French or German!

Outside the clinic, you can find Erik…well outside! (He’s always outside!) Erik loves anything and everything to do with the outdoors, travel and sports. So no matter what season it is, Erik is happy to share stories about his adventures with family, traveling, running, hiking, biking, climbing, fishing, camping, canoeing, skiing…

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Erik is one of only a small handful of Mulligan Certified Practitioners in Canada.  He is also one of only three Mulligan Instructor in Canada. 


Erik is an FCAMPT physiotherapist and a Past President of CAMPT.

Erik has training in Functional Movement Screening. 

Erik has a clinical focus on both sports and physically demanding jobs (industrial, paramilitary, emergency services)