Pauline Tremblay

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Pauline Tremblay
Accounts Manager – Sports Injury Clinic and Health Care Team


Pauline Tremblay brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Pro Function’s administration team. Often working behind the scenes, Pauline’s primary role is to manage and maintain the integrity of each and every patient account entrusted to Pro Function. Billing, invoicing, approval status and communication with 3rd party insurance companies, motor vehicle insurance companies and WSIB are all seamless because of Pauline’s efforts – and because of her work, patients and clinicians are able to stay squarely focused on delivering quality health care and optimal results! 

Having worked as a registered massage therapist for more than 15 years with London’s own Body Mechanics Physiotherapy, Pauline is able to appreciate how important it is for the patient and the therapist to be 100% focused during treatment sessions. She understands the difficulties and hardships that paperwork, miscommunication and finances can have on a person’s recovery and she knows that her role in reducing these inconveniences plays a big part in a person’s path to recovery.

Following her retirement as an RMT, Pauline transitioned to become a central administrator for Body Mechanics, earning her the skills and insight to understand the language and navigation needed when working with administrators and insurers. Having worked on both the therapeutic and the administrative sides of a health care team allows Pauline to hold a genuinely unique understanding of how to manage both the people and the paperwork of a busy clinical environment. Without question, this is why she is so intricate to the ongoing success of Pro Function.