Functional Movement Screen

functional movement screening fms

Functional Movement Screen

Just like how your personal doctor or dentist performs an annual screening to check your physical health and identify areas of injury or concern the Functional Movement Screen allows our clinicians to check how well your body’s muscles move together and to identify areas of weakness and areas that are at a higher risk of injury.

The Functional Movement Screen is useful whether you are a competitive athlete looking to maximize your performance or someone who is looking to engage in a more active lifestyle and want to minimize your risk of future injury.

The FMS program consists of seven movement tests that measure mobility and stability, movement weaknesses, imbalances, asymmetries and limitations. Your responses to each of the seven tests are scored and the outcome of each section is used to target problem areas, indicate your risk of specific injuries, and track your progress over time. In addition, the score you achieve on each section helps your practitioner prescribe the most beneficial exercises to correct any deficiencies in movement.

FMS was developed by Physiotherapists and is used by athletes of all levels including pro athletes in the NHL, NFL, NBA.

Who Provides FMS at Pro Function?

Dr. Nicole Thornicroft, Dr. Jordan Kersten, Troy Seely and Erik Schmidt have all completed various levels of FMS Training.