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Our team consists of experienced clinicians who are leaders and educators in their respective fields. Concussion & Vestibular Rehabilitation, Pelvic Health Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Rehabilitation are just a few of the high level services our team provides at our two remarkable and convenient locations in both Downtown and South London Ontario.

For more than 10 years we have been proud to serve and support London Teams, Business’ and  Non-profit Organizations


Physiotherapy services at Pro Function in London Ontario

**All Pro Function locations have Accessibility Ramps and have drop-off
locations next to our entrances.  

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News to Share

**Physiotherapy Assessments now available on Weekends**

Beginning August 26th, Anthony Iacoe (PT) will be offering a limited number of new assessment slots from 8am – 12pm (noon) on Saturdays. 

As of July 1st, 2023, the use of face masks by Pro Function clinicians and staff became optional.

As before, the use of face masks by patients and visitors will continue to remain optional.

For anyone who feels they would like a mask, Pro Function will continue to provide masks onsite.
If you would prefer your clinician to wear a mask during your treatment please do not hesitate to ask and we will be happy to support your wishes!

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our patient care coordinators or your health care practitioner.


We are very pleased to welcome Anthony Iacoe Physiotherapist (PT) to Pro Function Sports Injury Clinic. 

Anthony Iacoe Physiotherapy London Ontario

We are very pleased to welcome Jacob Moloy, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) to Pro Function!

Jacob Moloy Massage Therapy London Ontario photo

Our Team Approach

At Pro Function, we believe it is a privilege to help others.

We approach every visit believing you deserve to feel warmly welcomed, comfortable and confident while you’re with us.

At Pro Function, you will always see the clinician of your choice, appointments are always 1 on 1, and you will always have access to the exceptional diversity of the clinical expertise our team has to offer.




Pro function Health Care Team Logo
Pro Function Health Care Team

Located near the corner of Talbot and Oxford
140 Ann St, Suite 103
London, Ontario, N6A 1R3
P: 519.601.7761
Fax: 1.866.799.4125

Pro Function Sports Injury Clinic Logo in London Ontario
Pro Function Sports Injury Clinic

Located inside Centrefield Sports Complex
25 Midpark Crescent
London, Ontario N6N 1A9
P: 519.860.5090
Fax: 1.866.799.4125

Anthony Iacoe Physiotherapy London Ontario
Anthony Iacoe


Physiotherapist London Ontario
Orthopaedic Physiotherapy
Sports Injuries Physiotherapy
Post Surgical Rehab
Sports Team On-Field Medicine

Choose Anthony for:
• Basketball, Football, Soccer, Cycling and Running Injuries
• Industrial / Physically Demanding Jobs + Injuries
• Spinal, Shoulder and Ankle Injuries

• Dizziness, Inner ear (vestibular) and Vertigo
• Strength and Conditioning
• Sports Team Medical Coverage; Tournaments, Travel, Seaso

Anthony Iacoe is an easy going and down-to-earth physiotherapist, with a big background in sports! Born and raised in the heart of Sault Ste Marie Ontario, Anthony understands first hand what’s its like be on both sides of the health care system – as a therapist and as an athletic patient.

Prior to completing a Masters of Physiotherapy here at Western, Anthony was a key varsity member of both the Carleton University and Laurentian University’s men’s basketball team. It was this experience where Anthony grew to appreciate the pressure and stresses that athletes go through while dealing with an injury. It was also around this time that he realized the positive impact his physiotherapist, athletic therapist and medical staff provided him – both physically and mentally – while he worked towards recovery.

Anthony holds onto those experiences and translates them into his practice.
What does mean? Here’s how Anthony puts it:

“My approach to physiotherapy is pretty straight forward. I understand how quickly things can change with an injury. I also know how uncomfortable it is not knowing what’s wrong, what I should do, or who I need to see. My approach is to use my skills and collaborate with my patients, understand their take on an injury, understand how it’s impacting them and walk through their situation step-by-step. Together we can understand the diagnosis, create both short-term and long-term goals and ensure everyone is onboard with the plan, the process and the outcome.”

As part of the Pro Function team Anthony currently focuses on active and athletic populations. He has experience with clients of all ages, as well as with people in both clinical and hospital settings. Recently, Anthony added dizziness, vertigo and inner ear (vestibular) training into his list of skills.

Outside the office Anthony’s activities are very similar to when he’s inside the office… he’s ACTIVE! Basketball, working out, cycling, running, snowshoeing…travel, time with family, eating great food…and of course, supporting the Toronto Raptors. Nope, you’ll never find Anthony sitting still!

Jacob Moloy Massage Therapy London Ontario Photo
Jacob Moloy


Registered Massage Therapist London, Ontario
Sport Specific Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Cupping Therapy
Therapeutic Ultrasound

Jacob is now offering treatment time at both downtown at Pro Function Health Care Team and in south London at Pro Function Sports Injury Clinic! 

Jacob Moloy is an energetic massage therapist (RMT) with more than 16 years of clinical experience.  Naturally gifted with a clinically-orientated mind, Jacob started his career with what was back then the unique approach of evaluating and structuring treatment plans that focused on injury resolution rather than merely comfort and relaxation.  Fortunately, over the years massage therapy as a health care profession has evolved and caught up to Jacob’s approach – but even so, it hasn’t caught up to his skills!  

Jacob offers a very unique range of clinical services, including sport massage, deep tissue massage, cupping therapy, exercise prescription and therapeutic ultrasound, Jacob’s commitment to awareness and practice adaptation in order to maintain the most up-to-date clinical skills is a testament to his personality, his patient following, and his career success in the field.