Infant Massage Therapy

     An Infant massage therapy treatment is a gentle session initially led by our Massage Therapist with the goals of helping your infant sleep and move with ease. As a parent, you will learn the techniques to use at home to continue to build connection with your infant and address their needs confidently on your own. Massaging your infant regularly can help the stimulate circulation, aid in digestion, improve their sensory awareness and help babies relax and release emotional stress. Massage also promotes growth and development of the brain and nervous system.
Many new parents who massage their babies come to realize over time that the most life-giving returns are related to attachment and deeper communication, and that the experience has helped them to better know their children. Touch welcomes the new baby into the family by demonstrating not only that baby is safe and protected, but truly cherished. All parents have that power at their fingertips.

     A loving massage by a parent enriches a baby’s body and soul, and softens many of the “bumps in the road” for a new baby and their family. With the exception of babies with medical problems, the rule, rather than the exception, is that massage greatly reduces (if not resolves) fussiness within the first week. This gets the family out of crisis, and helps both baby and parents to sleep better. And since it doesn’t take long to see positive results, most parents are motivated to learn more.
Every child is unique, and will, therefore, benefit most from a massage approach carefully designed for his or her changing needs at a given moment. The key to this approach is teaching families to touch their babies deliberately and mindfully, and closely watching the infant for cues that tell whether the touch their baby is receiving is positive, needs to be changed, or should stop altogether.

Benefits of Infant Massage

Infant Massage may:
Enhance Parent / Infant relationships through improved bonding and communication
Increase parental confidence with their baby
Improve digestion and encourage increased weight gain
Promote longer and deeper sleeping patterns
Provide relief from colic and gas pains
Provide relief from teething pains and nasal congestion
Increase muscle tone and circulation
Stimulate the immune system, nervous system and brain functions
Decrease the production of stress hormones
Release of accumulated tension and promote relaxation for Parent / Infant
Increase vocalization of your baby

Infant Massage with our registered Massage Therapist