Mulligan Concept

Mulligan Concept: a Humble but Powerful Treatment Approach

“Mulligan” is a series of techniques and an approach to hands on therapy that blends the manual movement of a joint with the natural movements of the body.  Originally developed in New Zealand by Brian Mulligan back in the early 70’s, the “Mulligan” concept has always been shockingly effective, but for nearly 2 decades no one truly understood why it worked so well.  As time past and research techniques improved, the Mulligan approach actually has grown in popularity and is more and more supported by research.  What’s truly unique about the Muliigan is that actually assesses your movement problems AND treats the problems at the exact same time!  What’s even more unique…. it can do all this with ZERO PAIN!  That’s right, no pain!  It’s actually a rule of the Mulligan Concept, the techniques are actually pain free.  

Pro Function is not only fortunate to have several Physiotherapists and Chiropractors who are trained  in the Mulligan Concept, but we have one of the few Certified Mulligan Practitioners in Canada and one of only 3 instructors of the concept in all of Canada!.   Learn more about Erik Schmidt, PT and his practice here.

Mulligan Mobilization provided by a physiotherapist

The Best Part About Mulligan?

Once you see success with us in clinic, you can take the concept home and help yourself feel better each and everyday.  What this means is that you’ll recovery more quickly and the number of visits you’ll need to feel better will be less. 

Dr. Joseph Greenwood going through exercises for neck pain

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