Sports Performance

Maximizing Your Sports Performance before the big event

Every serious athlete knows that if they want to be in peak physical condition before the big day that they have to train harder and longer than they would when maintaining their normal level of fitness. But with changing the intensity of your training regimen you also introduce new risks of injury, muscle fatigue, and burnout.

That’s why Pro Function is here to help.

Our team of practitioners have the diagnostic tools, manual therapy techniques, and exercises to help you identify potential areas of injury, avoid overextending yourself, and help you reach your peak performance level as you are going into your sports event.

Post Performance Recovery

If you’ve injured yourself during your event or want to make sure you are doing everything you can to maintain your fitness level after your performance Pro Function is also here to help.

At Pro Function our goal is not just to reduce pain or give you exercises and send you on your way, we work with you to identify the source of your injury and work with you at every step through to full recovery and prevention of recurrence or further injury. Our goal is to help you meet your goals – we tailor our approach to you, your specific sport, and your specific needs.

Your Team

If you are a semi-professional athlete or are in a sport or a league where you don’t have access to a team of medical practitioners then Pro Function is here to meet those needs and help you reach your goals!


Treatments at Pro Function are comprehensive, goal oriented, and up to date. Our practitioners are proactive in updating their knowledge on the latest diagnostic and manual therapy treatment techniques and they bring that knowledge when tailoring a treatment plan to maximize your performance.

First Appointment at Pro Function

Your first visit to Pro Function consists of an extensive health history, orthopaedic and functional movement assessment with Dr. Nicole Thornicroft or Dr. Jordan Kersten.

All of our practitioners have years of experience in diagnosing and treating sports injuries and at our clinic you will find a helpful and understanding team atmosphere.