Be pain free and move like a PRO

Pro Function is a premiere rehabilitation clinic that is located within Centrefield Sports Indoor Sports Complex. Pro Function provides chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, muscle and connective tissue soft tissue treatments, taping, rehabilitation exercises, ergonomics and nutritional services. Patients of Pro Function receive the highest quality evidence informed treatment and may include a combination of services within one treatment if it is clinically best for their condition. At Pro Function, it is important that patients play a role in their recovery and are educated on what they can do to help treat themselves to get them better faster. All treatment plans are based on how long it takes for your condition to get better and what your goals for recovery are.

Pro Function focuses not only on managing your injury but assists you fully returning to you to your ultimate performance. Pro Function includes not only some of the best evidence based sport manual therapies but also thorough diagnostic assessments that evaluate how you move. This allows for treatment that focuses on your weakest link dysfunction and helps to prevent future injuries.

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